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Ever since our establishment, We’ve been in this forex investment business, We were able to help hundreds of  our clients make money while they were in their usual places. KIT is committed to elevate the financial status of its customers by staying true its motto “Invest & Realize Your Future”.






Satisfied Customers

Our History

KIT is an investment company found in 2019 in the capital Mogadsihu, Somalia. Kulmiye.

KIT is one of the leading innovators in the financial services costco laminator https://www.slotsups.com/ sector in the country with an aim to empower people financially by providing reliable trades and highly profitable investment platform. KIT is committed to elevate the financial status of its customers by staying true its motto “Invest & Realize Your Future”. The company operates in the financial sector by providing forex investment, forex education and account management.

The Company’s business model entails

  • Strong specialization in advising on financial markets and forex matters in favor of its clients predominantly operating in the financial services and education
  • Use of tactics that guarantee maximum profit, and minimum exposure to unsafe trades
  • Significant development of the professionals’ technical skills and know how in the Company’s reference sectors

Birth of the brand

Great minds came together to establish an islamic compliant investment company in the heart of Mogadishu, after doing exhaustive research and market analysis


Second Branch

We have opened our second office in Waberi District, in orde to reach and serve our customers smoothly, this has significantly reduced the commute of our clients in the southern part of Mogadishu.

Islamic Compliance

We endeavor to reach our vision by keeping pace with global market demands and approaching our clients’ investment goals with an open mind, providing a personal service and valuable training while guiding each client towards a successful outcome. All this is conducted through islamic compliant ways.



Our aim is to help our clients to be successful and to help them develop in the field of finance in the capital and wherever we operates. This is why we are always bringing out new innovative products and trying to keep the services we offer as relevant as possible.


is to become the leading firm in the industry of financial services in Somalia, a trusted partner for companies operating in the local market, giving customers access to global markets and products.

Core Values